• Image of 'COLOR BLEND BLOCKS NO6' | Brightly Painted Wood Blocks | 3-D Wall Art
  • Image of 'COLOR BLEND BLOCKS NO6' | Brightly Painted Wood Blocks | 3-D Wall Art
  • Image of 'COLOR BLEND BLOCKS NO6' | Brightly Painted Wood Blocks | 3-D Wall Art
  • Image of 'COLOR BLEND BLOCKS NO6' | Brightly Painted Wood Blocks | 3-D Wall Art

Original Colorful Painted Wood Wall Sculpture Art Installation
abstract original art panels wood wall art wall sculpture by Rosemary Pierce


Part of the 'Color Blends' Series

by Rosemary Pierce

a large colorful 36 piece wood wall sculpture collection
each block approximately 9.5" x 9.5"

Color Blend blocks are rich, colorful, highly original wood panels that create a beautiful modern art statement for your space.

An incredibly colorful, uplifting, joyful and enjoyable art statement for your home, office, corporate offices, commercial lobby, hotel, hospital, medical facility, or public space.

'Color Blend Blocks' are rich, colorful, highly original wall art that creates a beautiful modern art statement for your space. The unique abstract painting on each block creates a very special and one-of-a-kind, quality, sculptural display.


•Original wood wall art
•Made-to-order, just for you
•Set of 36 wood blocks, each individually hand painted
•Each block approx 9.5 x 9.5 inches
•Rich, abstract blends of poetic color
•Shiny thick high gloss finish
•Makes for a happy and energetic display
•Ready to hang and enjoy
•Available in any custom size and color scheme

For custom colors or layout, please send us a message to request the add-on for your order.


The 'Color Blend Blocks' are handmade with lots of love and good vibes. First the wood (re-purposed and recycled whenever possible) is carefully prepped, cut and sanded. Then each block is individually hand-painted with layers of a rich blends of vibrant color, followed by more layers and detail. The blocks are finished using a special technique, with thick high-gloss lacquer glaze for a tremendous polished statement. The finish is outstanding with great shine and gloss that really brings out the character and depth. Even more amazing in person!


This listing is for a set of 36 wood blocks, each approx 9.5" x 9.5" (and 3/4" thick) and hung 11 blocks long x 3 blocks tall (as shown in photos). Total display size of the art will depend on spacing between each piece. We recommend 3.5"-4.5" between each piece, depending on how much wall space you'd like to cover. With 3.5" spacing between each piece, the total display size for 6 blocks x 6 blocks (as shown in photo) will be approx 74.5" long x 74.5" tall. If you'd like to cover a little more, you can increase the spacing. If you need a different number of blocks or display size, just let us know!


This collection is very simple to install. Rosemary will number the blocks according to what she would recommend for order of display, but you can hang them in any order that suits you. Pieces come ready to hang and you can do so easily in a simple grid layout (all it takes is some good ol' nails, a measuring tape and a level). You'll be enjoying your original art made just for you in no time!

Blocks can also be hung in an irregular, scattered pattern (as opposed to the grid pattern display showcased here). This not only covers more wall space, but also creates a more spontaneous, free-flowing art statement. If you'd like to go this route, you can either wing it and make the installation your own or Rosemary can create a custom free-flowing pattern and layout guide for you - please send us a message to request this add-on.

*Since this original artwork is created by hand and and made-to-order, no two are exactly alike (that's what makes it special!) but yours will be very similar to the examples shown and just as beautiful. The ultimate product is unique and truly one-of-a-kind, made just for you!


Your business is important to me! This is my full-time, professional career and business and everyday I work on custom projects. You can buy with confidence: 100's of very happy, satisfied buyers have ordered from my online sites. I sell almost all of my art online and appreciate the faith so many clients have put in me to order and come back again and again. My art is very personal and every piece is conceptualized and handmade with care for original works of truly unique art.

I know making an original art order online is a bit of a leap of faith, it is a confidence and a trust put in me that I take very seriously to heart ---I look forward to making something very special for YOU!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.


I do A LOT of CUSTOM ORDERS for both residential and larger-scale, commercial display. Need a different size? Different Colors? Specific requests? No problem. I can work with you to create a custom work of art that is right for your specific space needs. And no extra fees are charged for customization!

Every day I work on custom projects for people and spaces all over the world! Look forward to working with you!


Contact us about your custom projects! We work with designers, consultants and corporations everyday on medium to very large scale, site-specific installations and will always stretch your client budget for the maximum WOW possible! Email [email protected]


I do ship internationally! If your location is not listed please just contact me so I can create the shipping profile for you.

I estimate as closely as possible for shipping costs on all orders (without overcharging). Any actual fees above the estimated costs will be invoiced through PayPal. Additional invoices are only in cases when shipping rate is still significantly higher than what was estimated. Shipping rate may also change depending on the size of custom orders.

I try to get art out as quickly as possible. Processing time for made-to-order artworks depends on the detail and potential drying time variations for materials involved. You will be updated throughout the process.


Personal, on-site installation by artist is available.

A life-size template with instructions can also be created for quick and easy self-installation, upon request. You can simply tape the template to the wall and mark where each piece goes. Each piece is marked with a corresponding number as identified in location on the template. It's a simple nail and mounting tape installation and the template allows it to be exact to the layout I design without any fuss.


Everything (unless otherwise noted) is made to order. I try to get art out as quickly as possible -- Exact processing time depends on the size, detail and potential drying time variations for materials involved. I will keep you updated on the status of your original artwork. If you have a specific date you need your artwork by, please let us know.

All of my pricing is wholesale. Whether you are a designer with a client project, a commercial designer with a large scale installation project, an art consultant or a private collector… I am delighted to offer you my very best pricing; keeping my artwork affordable and yet still very original and custom.


I love hearing back from my customers! Please contact me after you receive your art and let me know you love it! I also really enjoy receiving photos of your artwork displayed in your home or office. And please, if you have something positive to say - share it! You can do this by leaving a review for my online shop and by sharing my website with a friend or co-worker. Word of mouth is the lifeline of my business and how I support my family.

*To learn more about me and to keep up with the latest in my artwork and upcoming events, please visit and like my Facebook page:


Rosemary Pierce

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